Introductory Science of Alcoholic Beverages. Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Masaru Kuno

Introductory Science of Alcoholic Beverages provides readers an engaging instruction to the science behind beer, wine, and spirits. It illustrates not only the chemical principles that underlie what alcoholic beverages are, why they are the way they are and what they contain, but also frames them within the context of historical and societal developments.

Discussed chapter topics include introductions to beer, wine, and spirits; the principles behind fermentation and distillation, and overviews of how each beverage class is made. The chapters highlight the unique chemistries that lend beer, wine, and spirits their individuality, as well as the key chemicals that impart their characteristic aroma and flavor profiles.

This book goes beyond focused descriptions of individual alcoholic beverages by summarizing their common chemical lineage and illuminates the universal scientific principles that underpin them. It will be of interest to students of physics and chemistry, as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs of beer, wine, and spirits.

Introductory Nanoscience: Physical and Chemical Concepts

Masaru Kuno

Designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, Introductory Nanoscience asks key questions about the quantitative concepts that underlie this new field. How are the optical and electrical properties of nanomaterials dependent upon, size, shape, and morphology? How do we construct nanometer-sized objects? Using solved examples throughout the chapters, this textbook shows to what extent we may predict the behavior and functionality of nanomaterials by understanding how their properties change with scale.

Fundamental concepts are reinforced through end-of-chapter problems and further reading. Students will appreciate complete derivations of relevant equations, simplified assumptions for practical calculations, listed references, and a historical overview about the development of colloidal quantum dots.

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