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Welcome!  Within this web site you will find information about the Kuno group.  Briefly, we have developed a comprehensive program on the materials- and physical-chemistry of low-dimensional materials.  A major aspect of our current research focuses on the synthesis and optical characterization of solution-based 1D semiconductor nanowires.  We have also begun to carry out analogous studies on solution-synthesized 2D nanosheets.  These detailed synthetic, mechanistic and optical/electrical studies are critical for eventually using nanoscale materials in next generation devices.  Using the above links, you can learn more about our ongoing studies, publications and active collaborations.  Please contact us if you require additional information.

Nanoscience Book


Professor Kuno has written a nanoscience book.

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Our collaborators


Active collaborations in nanostructure microscopy and in renewable energy applications.

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Renewable Energy

renewable energy

Applying nanostructures to meeting our future energy needs. 

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For more information see the contacts page.

  • PI office: 574-631-0494
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